Katrix’s music career started from a place of fear and self doubt. Like many people who have a talent that can only be validated and monetized by exposing it to a world of critics and trolls, it can be difficult to subject yourself to that kind of environment. Coming from Russia, with a past of being put down, she made her way to North America, on her own at 21. Katrix’s impetus for coming to North America wasn’t simply because she was running away, being that ‘Fugitive’, she was also running towards something. “I moved to New York City from Russia thanks to American Movies to pursue my singing career in New York.” Her driving force didn’t come already having the practiced ease that seasoned artists have either, as she explained, “ I didn't really know how to sing, nor play, nor write songs. I said to myself upon my arrival, if Madonna could write songs, I can! Yes, I remember saying exactly that to myself. And so I bought the tiniest keyboard and wrote my first song called “Tonight”. I gathered a band and named it: "Way To Pleasure.” ”

     If the name of the band puts a certain kind of bashful grin on your face, I’m sure it was intended, but as she says herself the band fell apart because her drummer felt that exact thing. “I remember the drummer of the band was embarrassed by its name and left us. Soon after the band fell apart!” All this before she even began to really set off on her own.

     This self proclaimed baroque-pop artist with a slavic twist, not only sounds the part but looks the part of a pop star. While combining sex appeal with sensational show tunes, her vocal range puts her in the range of modern day pop rock; her baroque, slavic twist, has her introducing a charming, yet seductive quality to her music. While being able to change her vocal range from those seductive and sultry notes to the up beat and head bobbing ones, despite many people having told her that she was fantastic and having spent $30k on recording her first album Fugitive, faced with the fear of failure, she let her album gather dust on a bookshelf in her home.

    10 years later, having been inspired by an article written about Angelina Jolie, where the the actresses mind was described as “hills and valleys”, boundless in depth; Katrix couldn’t help but feel motivated as she viewed her music in much the same light as that limitless expanse; so, she brushed the dust off of Fugitive and decided it was time to give it to the world. Katrix’s description behind her reluctance is more than apt, and something all artists should take note of, “I blocked my creative flow for years, but that yearning, that sucking feeling of your suppressed natural desire and talent doesn’t dissipate. It accumulates and brings pain. I felt like dying, slowly but surely. So the question was: to give in to my fears and insecurities and die or to face the fears and live.” While that very same fear is what caused her to bench Fugitive the first time around, it was that creative need and yearning that pushed her forward again, and finally gave her the courage to progress.

    Though she isn’t fully over her fear yet, she did not “want to live with [the] misery” of having not done anything with her passion and music. This multi-faceted artist is not only beginning to record a new album slowly but surely, but she is working on a musical movie as well, entitled “I am Music”.

    With the new additions of her music, and movie, Katrix has settled into her more mature musical style of baroque pop which combines that classical, full vocal, jazzy depth with the fun aspect of modern-day pop. With a very melodic and symphonic style, she is no longer singing about running from pain, as was the driving inspiration behind Fugitive. Approaching her music from the perspective of a woman who is more at ease with her skill, even if her confidence isn’t 100% yet, she is engaging with the theme of her musical film of self-love and striving for what she wants. One of her quoted expressions of choice that she is living by is, “you cannot un-want what you want, so go into the direction of your wanting” and she is going towards what she wants and not letting anything stand in her way.


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